Friday, 21 March 2014

Vol 17: Life's sweet surprises

Good times to you, friend.
We revert to our original format in this volume. Straight-shot arrows of positive developments from here and there. 
This week's theme is surprise. Events that startle us. In a pleasing way, of course.

News from the public domain

Brain implants of the future
As a technology, cochlear implants are already 3 decades old. The same thought – that a machine can be used to receive external stimuli in a decipherable manner – is now at the core of brain implants. Now, interpreting a paralyzed brain’s intent is looking more feasible each passing day. In fact, the future resembles science fiction – it consists of skills that can be downloaded into the brain and thoughts that no longer need to be articulated.
The future is a place where physical challenges and disease-related handicaps will be mitigated to a large extent. This Wall Street Journal article offers some glimpses of such a future.
A role that changed a life
Whoopi Goldberg didn’t really believe that her roles made a difference. And then, during an interactive talk show in the Netherlands, she came across a mildly autistic man. Want to know what happens next? Sure you do. Watch the clip here.
Seeds of change
In a growing economy like India, millions of entrepreneurs give wings to their dreams. Tens of thousands even manage to soar high due to their efforts. A good many of them also owe their success to socially-inclined venture capitalists. Unlike the hard-nosed “professional” VC, the socially-inclined VC desires a holistic model and zero side effects. Nor do they want a quadrupled return on investment in 3 years. These silent champions – who back innovations and give underdogs a chance – are one of the reasons we can aspire for a more equal society.
Today, I’m choosing to highlight one particular Incubator named villgro via this hopeful video. But mind you, hundreds of such cells exist in India alone.
Can a white supremist change his mind?
Can a white man, pure white, bred on pure Nazi beliefs change? Can he spend years recruiting kids into a hate-centric ideology and then turn around to fight for the other side? Well, such a man would be on the hit list of a violent community. But if he has seen light at the end of the tunnel, this threat will not dissuade him from switching sides. That’s the story of TJ Leuden. Watch him in action here.
Remote Pakistani village now has light and limelight!
A micro-hydropower station is changing lives in the village of Serai. It is apparently the first development initiative in the “most neglected and ignored” region of Swat in Pakistan. At any rate, the rough terrain and tough chore-centric evenings in Serai now look brighter. Literally. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come.
Kaam chalu mooh bandh
An anonymous group of Bangaloreans, who call themselves The Ugly Indian, perform minor miracles all around the city. They prefer working to cribbing, as can be understood from their motto: kaam chalu mooh bandh.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So here are thirty thousand words of unbelievable change. Do have a look. And don’t forget to salute these change agents!
In case you are wondering… no, this movement isn’t restricted to Bangalore alone. Google the good folks to know more and become a part of this change.

In conclusion

Till next week… make your life be filled with positivity.

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