Friday, 7 March 2014

Vol 15: Magic, magic everywhere

Praise be to you.
Another week has gone by. Many challenges came your way. You survived. I’m guessing you even triumphed a few times.
Would you like to recharge your soul? For I have a few heartwarming stories just for you. Enjoy!

News from the public domain

Let’s unearth the magic within amazing relationships
A man spent a whole year travelling and meeting ridiculously happy couples. He wanted to find out the secret behind successful romantic relationships. His findings have been distilled in this article measuring a mere 950 words. Apparently, it’s that simple.
Not surprisingly, the most important ingredient for a happy romantic relationship is… self-love!
A compelling non-duality
Would you like to perceive the “other” as a mythical creature that exists only as your illusion? Do you need help in wanting to love everybody alike? Does the notion of universal unity seem desirable but impractical?
Sometimes, fiction helps us get proper anchorage in such challenging ideas. Do read this simple and well-imagined text to know what I’m talking about.
Upworthy at its best
Upworthy, the site that sources content worthy of uploading, has made a difference to the world. When the website asked its audience whether their holidays were upworthy, they received an avalanche of responses. Dozens of bright new initiatives have taken root during the season of love and forgiveness. Read all about them in this page that Upworthy calls A Little Reminder That Good People Exist, And They Comment Alongside You On Facebook.
Invisible Samaritans
How much thought have we given to people who, every day, each day, enable our lives while wearing a cloak of invisibility? Here, in this rousing video, we see this point being made about janitors. Perhaps there is a reason why pawns cannot move backwards on a chessboard, the man says.
One small tweak: I’d like to experience this video not through the prism of sacrifice, but through the prism of gratitude.
The seduction of inadequacy and the beauty of compassion
Who amongst us hasn’t been seduced by the gory emotions stemming from a sense of inadequacy? Some people traverse from this point to the point where compassion is seen as real beauty – this is a journey worth undertaking. This year’s Oscar winner for the Best Supporting Actress – Lupita Nyong’o – made this journey and describes it in her acceptance speech. You’ve probably seen this already, but this speech just had to belong in the Positivity Weekly.
Sixty years to closure
So you think you want closure? Well, the next time you are impatient for closure, consider Peggy Harris, the wife of a war hero whose fate lay undiscovered for six whole decades. Given the uncertainty, Peggy decided to wait. Now, she finally knows what happened to her husband’s plane in France in July 1944. And believe me, you will want to watch this video and find out for yourself.
Some stories should not, will not, be forgotten.

In conclusion

Having re-experienced this magnificent collection of true stories, I am feeling a tad overwhelmed even as I type these words. Let me revel in my happiness. Hope you feel like doing the same.
Till next week… make your life be filled with positivity.

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