Friday, 23 May 2014

Vol 25: Wonderful unusual journeys

Good times to you, Peeker (Positivity Seeker).
The theme for this week is “unusual personal journeys”. Each day, all of us awaken to a potentially unusual journey. Sometimes, we accept Life’s offer to embark on them.
Let’s read about what happened to other Good Samaritans when they undertook such journeys.

News from the public domain

Another Schindler from history
Sir Nicholas Winton doesn’t like the moniker “Britain’s Schindler” although it describes him in aptly and pithily.
Back in 1938, he was a 29-year-old stockbroker based in London. He happened to vacation in Prague exactly as the Germans breached the Czech border. Thousands of Jew children had to be evacuated in no time. He managed this operation from London, playing a key role in the rescue of 669 children. Their descendants number 6000 today.
A few days ago, this unsung hero celebrated his 105th  birthday with news that the Czech Republic will bestow its highest honour – the Order of the White Lion – to him. Do read the extraordinary story of this seemingly ordinary man here.
If you are too busy to read it, then please read this paragraph:
In the book, [his daughter] Barbara writes: “My father’s wish for his biography, having agreed to me writing it, is that it should not promote hero worship or the urge for a continual revisiting of history, but if anything, that it might inspire people to recognise that they too can act ethically in the world and make a positive difference to the lives of others in whatever area they feel strongly about, whether it be international crises or nearer to home, in their own community.”
Eradicating polio one step at a time
If the World Health Organization has officially acknowledged India as polio-free, a bulk of the credit goes to “polio aunties” who trudge through the length and breadth of India’s expansive landscapes, carrying an immunization kit on their shoulders and a prayer in their hearts.
Since the Pulse Polio initiative began in 1995, around 12.1 billion doses of the vaccine have been distributed in this country. Now, new challenges emerge in this well-defined space as parents no longer feel the need for immunization.
This article is a small tribute from the BBC to these women of mettle.
Animal testing ends in India
India became the second nation, the first being Israel, to end the use of animals while testing cosmetic and household products.
PETA has this report for us from the beginning of this year. This is one small milestone in the lifelong journey undertaken by animal rights activists.
10 things that people who love their lives are doing
Another handy list of things that we always seem to know, but usually don’t follow. I definitely benefited from this line: They love their friends but don’t rely on them.
I daresay some line in this page will benefit you.
Traffic cop gets a treat
Law-and-order officials being avoided, sometimes cajoled and bribed… that’s a familiar sight. So when a cricket-crazy traffic cop gets a special gift from his “fans” to go to Chinnaswamy Stadium to watch the Royal Challengers Bangalore play an IPL match, you know that this must be one special cop indeed. Constable “Singham” Bhaskar is this special dude, known as much for his handlebar moustache as his affable manners and helping nature. Do read his story, as reported by the Bangalore Mirror, here.

In conclusion

Till next time, here’s wishing you at least one unusual and heart warming journey!
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