Friday, 16 May 2014

Vol 24: Actions loud and beautiful

Good times to you, dear Peeker.
After a week’s gap, we are back in our positivity groove. India has just given a decisive mandate to one party to govern it for the next five years. One hopes that the new government will leverage on unprecedented (in recent times) majority to plan and execute visionary policies that will unite and strengthen India. That’s almost a sixth of humankind. And as India rises, so will the world.
Amen to that.
Now on to our usual segments. This week, our focus is on people and nations that have taken loud and positive actions against all odds.

News from the public domain

Selfie summit
There are selfies and then there’s this phenomenal celebration of exploration and self-absorption. We are always keen to present the splendour of our planet in as many ways as we can. This is one of the best ways.
Squirrel feeder with a difference
Some stories are encapsulated in a single picture. One stares and stares at it till all the lovely dimensions of the story become apparent. This is one such story. It involves an old lady, her puppet and a neighbourhood squirrel.
Did Cancer have the last word? No!
Just a few days ago, 19-year-old Briton Stephen Sutton died peacefully in his sleep. Before his demise, he made his mark on our world by smiling even during the last mile; he also raised funds for cancer charity.
What you see here is an expression of gratitude to Sutton from leaders as well as the public.
Because I said I would
Promises that are written down are fulfilled far more often. And it is only by keeping our word that we gain power and joy in our lives. Based on this simple idea, a young man opened a Facebook page named Because I said I would. It was an initiative inspired by a father who always kept his word. Soon, this small initiative took the form of a coherent movement.
Do watch his TEDx talk to see how this one idea helped him make a difference in diverse arenas such as sexual abuse and drunken driving.
The march of a great idea
Many a times, we feature news here about how certain initiatives are making life on Planet Earth more sustainable. A piece of fantastic news on this front is that Germany now fulfils 74% of its energy needs from renewable sources. Such an energy project requires a higher initial cost, immense political will and a public that explicitly demands that it be executed. So the developed nations have to lead the rest of the world in this direction. And it’s heartening to see Germany do just that.

 In conclusion

Till next time, we hope you find reasons to keep smiling!
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