Friday, 21 February 2014

Vol 13 : The importance of Jugaad and empathy

Hello, hello! Ready for a jolt of positive energy? Mind you, this is no ordinary jolt. It will drive away the demons of sadness and self-pity. So read on at your own risk!

News from the public domain

Jugaad’s a good thing
Hollywood spent $100 million to produce Gravity, the film starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. Our very own ISRO spent a mere $75 to send a mission to Mars. And such a telling fact is being celebrated in this New York Times article. Apparently, the spirit of Jugaad not only makes Indians cut corners, it is also responsible for our innovative methods and ability to attain impossible targets. Whether you are an Indian or not, this article will bring a smile to your face.
Go far to get close
Alright, watch this video. It’s the second advertisement campaign to feature in Positivity Weekly. It’s a coincidence that this time, too, the advertiser happens to be a commercial airline. (Volume 3 carried a video of Canada-based WestJet.) This time, it’s British Airways giving us a compelling romantic narrative. The cinematography, screenplay and simplicity of the idea will blow your mind away. Enjoy!
Self-acceptance is precious
Savannah Brown is no ordinary girl, if you go by this impassioned plea she makes for self-acceptance. Remember: no one can love you more than you. Time to be grateful to that person in the mirror?
Make the inner nomad happy
Can we be happy when our inner nomadic explorer remains bottled up? Well, if you think that happiness and the desire to discover are linked, then do read this article – part fantasy, part pragmatic – that describes 7 ways to become a spontaneous explorer of the world.
Empathy is the norm
Empathy is more natural to us than violence and aggression.
And oh! Empathy cannot exist in the absence of mortality.
I loved the special effects and narrative technique in this video that delivers the above two lessons. A seemingly academic and boring concept comes alive. Watch it for yourself.
Love more people for more love
Now that you have learnt more about empathy and mirror neurons (from the above story), you are ready to consume what, at first sight, appears to be an extremely controversial article. But the lesson it instils is worth accruing.

In conclusion

Jolt of positivity provided. Mission accomplished. Don’t you dare slip into that alternate dimension of sadness and self-pity. Not working? Alright, let’s attempt a humbler form of that message.
Stay divine, please.
The next jolt will arrive in approximately 165 hours. Ta-ta!

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