Thursday, 30 January 2014

Positivity Weekly - Vol 10

We are living in bleak times. There is no much of cynicism, and – worse - apathy. So much so, we fail to see the good things around us. It is time to come together to share the good news, to celebrate positivity.

News in the Public Domain

Inspiration, adrenalin

Here’s a montage to get your blood pounding. This inspirational video can feel a tad too alpha dog in patches, but it will challenge you to stay the course. It will encourage you to never give up. Worth at least one watch. Spoiler alert: the climax is just awesome. Don’t miss it.

Stories of Fortitude

The Week magazine from Malayalam Manorama group has come up with a special report – Stories of Fortitude – about 11 survivors who beat the odds with their indomitable spirit.

Grit and determination

Ten-year-old Banwari Lal Tarachand Aheke was forced to survive on streets of Mumbai. He is now a 25-year-old and knows how it feels to be homeless. Banwari Lal is on a bicycle journey to raise awareness on the issue of homelessness. Refreshing to read about the resilience of a street kid who survived traumatizing childhood.

Corrective Actions

Usually we come across progressive stories (like this one on how inmates at a US Corrections Center are growing their own food) about reforms in penal and other institutions in the Western media. Here is a homegrown story about Malabar Freedom Taste Factory, the food manufacturing initiative in Kannur Central Prison involving the prisoners, which has scripted a new chapter in its success story by making a total revenue of Rs 2 crore within 15 months of its launching. This Republic Day story is a short, interesting read.

 Being a Sport

Experiences of sportspersons are often motivational and inspirational. Sports are after all highly competitive activities with clear cut outcomes in terms of success and failure, glory and disgrace. Here is the inspiring story of Shiva Keshavan, the first Indian to compete in Luge at the Winter Olympic Games. Indian in Winter Olympics? Watch this 32-second breathtaking daredevilry video to find out how he practised when there was no winter sports infrastructure in India.

A Page from my Diary

I met this young man Tarique a few years back and from then onwards I have been his co-traveler in the activism journey. Here are some excerpts from a profile:
About a decade ago, Tarique left his hometown for Delhi so that he could prepare for the Indian Administrative Services exam. But watching people sleep on the city's streets, covered with newspapers made him think about life differently. "I asked them whether they felt cold and they answered that they were not sure of being alive to see the morning and feeling cold was the least of their worries."
After feeling dissatisfied with the available ways to help the homeless, he decided to come to Mumbai to pursue MA in Social Work from TISS from 2004 to 2006. As part of his coursework, he worked with an organisation working with youths living on the streets. One day he found that many of the boys living on the streets had gone missing. "I was told later that the police had picked them up and sent them to the beggar home. I went to visit the boys and was shocked to see the condition of the boys and the beggar home," said Tarique adding, "I believe Koshish was born that day."
Koshish is a field action project at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, but has become much bigger entity fighting for the rights of urban destitutes and homeless people. Till date, Koshish has provided direct and indirect support to over 5,000 beggars and homeless destitute.
Associating with organisations like Koshish would give you a glimpse of a world we are not familiar with. It is an amazing world. It is full of human stories - stories of courage and endurance, stories of faith and belief, and stories of joy and sadness. I invite you to come on board... Cheers!

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